CRM Mobile Tablet


Panic Button System

ULTIMA® Distribution Mobile

Мобилни апликации кои работат со ERP и CRM системи, Panic Button систем


Mobile application who are compatible with ERP, CRM and Panic Button Systems


CRM Mobile Tablet

CRM Mobile Tablet, a mobile application for companies which are concerned with sale and distribution of goods or services, a module for generating field data.

The application enables fast and simple management of client data – contact information, monitoring commercial activities, visits, purchase orders and sale in the field.

The data are downloaded and sent to a central database in real time through a safe and fast communication channel.

The basic functionalities include:

  • Ordering products.
  • Keeping records for outdated products.
    • Personal program
    • Competitive program
  • Reviewing a list of activities.
  • Marketing materials.
  • Client dossier
  • Questionnaire – a form which serves for surveying the consumers.

The application operates with Windows, iOS, and Android platforms. Mobile internet connection 3G/4G is needed for real time communication.


Middleware is set on a central location (server), and accepts all tablet operations of the user and enables reading or recording in the database.


iULTIMA®, a mobile application designed for an iPad tablet, which is part of Duna’s software system ULTIMA® and CRM.

With iULTIMA®, companies can offer accurate and timely information for their users, in order to enhance their service, and also to provide a competitive advantage. The users of this system can use a range of documents and reports directly from the field, which are immediately synchronized with the company’s central database.

iULTIMA® is an add-on of ULTIMA® ERP, and can only function as a compatible application of the ULTIMA® Basic, Standard, Professional and Enterprise packages.

With iULTIMA®, the ERP software users have an amazing opportunity to contribute to expanding the sale, to the productivity of the employees, and to get a complete insight into the company’s work.

The basic functionalities include:

  • Producing documents
  • Visit
  • Purchase order
  • Questionnaire
  • Control (Facing)
  • ТММ delivery
  • Reviewing a client dossier
  • A list of documents
  • Integration with the company’s database
  • Integration with the ULTIMA® packages

iULTIMA® is available for tablets with iOS. It provides communication with a central database via mobile internet. It can integrate and connect with all ULTIMA EPR – Basic, Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and CRM packages.

Panic Button system


Panic Button is a system for managing received reports generated from a registered user through a mobile phone when a physical protection is needed.


The system is simple and intuitive, with minimal interface, and easy to use. When a report from a user who asks for protection is generated, the system is informed by identifying the location on a map. The system analyzes and identifies the patrol which is the closest to the location, and then as fast as possible sends it to intervene with the user.


The primary functionality is that with only one click on Panic Button, the application automatically sends coordinates every 5 seconds and creates intensive alarming.


The modules of the Panic Button system include:


  • A mobile application for generating reports and sending a geolocation (location for requested intervention).
  • A module for receiving reports and managing the reports, distribution of orders to patrols and administering a system.
  • A mobile application for receiving orders (patrol). Available for use on devices with multiple platforms (Windows, Android, iOS).
  • User portal for registration in a system and managing personal data.

The user application is available for mobile devices which need to have a built-in GPS and mobile internet.

ULTIMA® Distribution Mobile

ULTIMA® Distribution Mobile is a powerful tool which enables complete working mobility, and it is created for sale activities of sale/commercial teams of the company which work in the field.

The application communicates, in real time, with a server for data synchronization (downloading and sending) via mobile internet (3G, 4G).


ULTIMA® Distribution Mobile enables: Creating documents in the field (an order, a docket, an invoice, etc.), printing documents with a printer installed in a vehicle via wireless communication (Bluetooth), connecting and communication with a fiscal printer for printing fiscal receipts when the clients pay in cash.


ULTIMA® Distribution Mobile enables the commercialists to have access to all information when visiting a client (debts, previous sales, etc.), and in that way accelerates the process of sale and delivery of goods and documents.

The functionalities include:

  • Communication in real time (3G, 4G)
  • Document production (invoices, cash invoices, dockets, return receipts, orders, etc.)
  • Document printing
  • Insight into open and mature debt
  • List of documents
  • Wireless communication with a printer and fiscal cash registers
  • Identification of a GPS location for a created document

ULTIMA® Distribution Mobile is available for devices with Windows Mobile 6.5 or Android operative systems. It provides communication with the central database via mobile internet. Integration and connection with all ULTIMA ERP – Basic, Standard and Professional packages are enabled.