ULTIMA® ERP Solutions


ULTIMA® ERP is a business package with integrated software solutions, designed to meet the needs of every company for planning and managing its resources.

The integrated software solutions ULTIMA®, which are available in the packages Basic, Standard, Professional and Enterprise, enable a complete control over all resources, organization of sections, and detailed review of all internal and external processes. With a complete insight in all segments, the company saves time and has an advantage in the decision-making, fast and simple.

The software packages represent a combination of modules for different segments in the company’s work: supply, sale, distribution, commercial work, bookkeeping, sales promotion, generating and distributing reports.

ULTIMA® Basic – A package for small and middle companies, suitable for distribution of products for extensive consumption, sale of goods and services. It can be used for the purpose of sale (retail, or wholesale), supply, storage work, service, etc. Included functionalities:

  • Input documents – receipts, return receipt
  • Излезни документи – invoices, docket
  • Unlimited number of storages
  • Working with many price lists
  • Pay office
  • Operative accounting
  • Basic material and financial reports

ULTIMA® Standard – A package which enables the companies to have a complete insight into the work through detailed financial reports and sales analysis. Besides the included basic functionalities of the Basic package, ULTIMA® Standard provides increased efficiency and control thorough the additional functionalities, which are:


  • Accounting (financial management)
  • Basic means
  • Group document copying
  • Group invoicing
  • Group document printing
  • User analytics
  • Basic production
  • Foreign currency calculation – Customs
  • Advanced material and financial reports

ULTIMA® Professional – A package for middle and large companies, which include more complex processes in their work The predefined flow of documents increases the efficiency of the work and automatizes the broad procedures for making documents. Besides the included functionalities of the Standard package, ULTIMA® Professional includes:


  • Production
  • Document flow
  • Budget module
  • Supply module
  • Rolling stock


ULTIMA® Enterprise – A package with advanced software solutions designed to meet the need of large companies with complex organizational structures, processes and work procedures. The software enables an enhanced control and increased effectivity on multiple levels:


  • A complete insight into the material and financial work of the company
  • Control over all input and output processes
  • Access to a broad database
  • Advanced analytics of the markets and consumers
  • Standardization in accordance with financial rulebooks
  • Compatibility with different ISO standards


Apart from the included functionalities of the Professional package, ULTIMA® Enterprise also includes:


  • A module for salary calculation and managing human resources
  • Automatic reports (MIS Management Information System)
  • Business intelligence
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


The ULTIMA® ERP packages operate in the user’s Windows setting or in a Cloud system (virtual server, which is accessed via the internet). A communication with the other modules and software packages is enabled, such as SPINAKER for retail processes, ULTIMA Distribution Mobile, iULTIMA, Inventory, HR & Payroll, WMS, CRM.