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ULTIMA® HR and Payroll

Every company needs to calculate the employees’ salaries and to keep records of the employees’ data. ULTIMA® HR and Payroll (ULTIMA® Human Resources and Salary) is an application which will completely meet the needs for managing this processes.

The software module enables keeping records for all employees and safekeeping data on them. The data are grouped in multiple logical sets and provide information on personal data, education and expertise, agreements and annexes regarding the employee or a former employee, working experience, given equipment, medical condition, medical examination, etc.

The calculation of salary enables the parameters to be processed, according to different criteria depending on the needs of the company, the calculation of profits/deductions, payments, taxes, and also a creation of an electronic file for monthly calculation of integrated payment.

 ULTIMA® HR and Payroll enables control over and management of absences (on several grounds), attaching and reviewing documents in an electric format, creating documents (absence requests, agreements and annexes, etc.).

Measures have been taken in ULTIMA® HR and Payroll for protecting the sensitive data which are treated as a business secret, such as the personal data of the employees and their salaries. In order to provide highest levels of security, the access rights in the module are defined per users who can review, add, change or delete data in the module. All information and the communication manner of the central database are encrypted.

Included functionalities:

  • System administration
  • Registers/codes
  • Employee dossier
    • Personal data
    • Medical examinations
    • Qualifications (technical and non-technical)
    • Agreements
    • Giving equipment and basic means
    • Collection of attached documents
  • Parameters for salary calculation
  • Salary calculation
  • Profits and deductions
  • Making monthly calculation of integrated payment
  • Generating reports for employees
  • Trainings

The application operates in a Windows setting, enables communication and downloading/sending data with external systems for keeping records of the working hours and the software packages ULTIMA Standard, Professional and Enterprise.


ULTIMA® Lon is a software solution for companies which import materials which need to be refined, and which are afterwards exported with an added value.

Apart from the material traceability, the system also provides an insight into and management of the production processes, waste recording, generating export invoices, a packing list and other necessary documents.

The system enables:

  • Complete traceability when importing and receiving materials in storages (customs storage)
  • Insight into the available stock
  • Production movement
  • Packing
  • Export
  • Complete traceability in accordance with the customs declaration (by C number)
  • Insight into the legally defined period for input/output

ULTIMA® Lon enables the creation of electronic files and communication with the Customs Administration when registering for import and export of refining stock. The system is created for operating in a Windows setting.

ULTIMA® Records Management System

ULTIMA® Records Management System is a software solution for managing electronic and physical documents and is an integral part of the concept of managing the printing and use of documents.

ULTIMA® Records Management System is a one-click system that provides complete management of printing and document management, manipulation of the physical archive of documents, documents storage, regardless of the distance and the location where they are physically located, sending, receiving, processing, previewing or downloading data.

With ULTIMA® RMS, the documentation is physically archived and simultaneously scanned and placed in a secure database. In a fast, flexible and easy way, documents can be shared and processed.

The software was developed in accordance with the legislation, with the latest technologies and tools for developing custom software according to the recommendations and needs of the users. There are no limits on the quantity of documents, as well as the deadline for storing the documentation. This depends on the capacity and the environment for storing the documents.

Basic functionalities are:

Scanned documents

Single and group processing of scanned documents

Physical storage


View, download and print documents

Search the boxes and registrars through the Barcode image

Restrict access to documents


Reports for searched, used and downloaded documents

ULTIMA® Records Management System is available in four languages: Macedonian, Albanian, Serbian and English, but it has an open option to customize the language according to the user’s needs.

The system allows integration with all software packages from ULTIMA® ERP systems Basic, Standard and Professional and has the ability to automate the reception of documents.

The entire database and all records are encrypted and are set in accordance with highest standards for accessing and storing an electronic copy of data and documents.

ULTIMA® Records Management System is intended for working in the Windows environment. Works with a mouse and keyboard or touch screen, with a minimum resolution of 1024px with 768px. To access the software, a web browser (Google Chrome) is used.


ULTIMA® WMS is a system for managing the storage work when receiving or giving wares, placing in or taking from a storage, relocating, stocktaking or control and inspection. The system is divided into two parts:

  • Desktop Application – installed on a computer and intended for management of all processes which derive from EPR and handheld computers.
  • Mobile Application – installed on a handheld computer, and intended for reception.

The focus of the system is managing the logistic and physical processes of the storage work. It is useful for organized working in the storage sector and reduces the time needed for searching for products on different locations. It processes data in real time, optimizes the space for storing the merchandise, the movement in the storage, and it also provides fast and accurate processing of receipt/delivery orders when calculating a stock via FIFO method (first in/first out) or FEFO (first expired/first out), if products with shelf life are concerned.


The operative processes are implemented by working with a mobile device with built-in barcode reader, and a network connection (Wi-Fi) for a real time access to a database.

The basic functionalities are:

  • Goods reception
  • Storing the goods
  • Stocktaking
  • Preparation and delivery of goods
  • Automatically tracking the product’s location

The system enables integration with all software packages of the ULTIMA® ERP systems, Basic, Standard, and Professional.

ULTIMA® WMS is created for working on a handheld computer with a Windows operative system, and with a Windows setting for a desktop application, for managing all the processes which derive from an EPR system and a handheld computer. A stable internet communication (WLAN) is needed for a connection with the handheld computer and for unobstructed and high-quality functioning.


ULTIMA® CRM – is a system which enables data to be generated and processed in one or more databases which are manually or automatically inserted from other systems, and provides advanced presentation, generation, and analyzing of predefined reports and reports produced by the user.

The users are companies of all industries and sizes, because the system adjusts to the need, the activities, and the processes of the company. ULTIMA® CRM is applicable in companies which are concerned with production, sale, provision of services, public institutions and other activities.

Usually, the CRM system processes data on the state of different articles by means of facing, visual checks, photography, filling a questionnaire, informs which products are being consumed the most, but it also provides data on which article is most in demand.

CRM is bidirectional, with a possibility to present, but also to insert data, automatically and/or manually.

The focus of Business Intelligence (BI), as one of the components of the CRM system, is oriented towards providing reports in a simple and fast manner. It is adaptable, easy to operate, and provides fast and accurate reports. It is autonomous, and provides the user with a choice regarding the parameters and attributes which will be used for generating the reports presented in an Excel document and Pivot charts.

The reports are adjusted and produced depending on the need of the company. Time is saved as a result of the BI module, and at the same time, the users will quickly, and in a real time, get precise and accurate reports which are produced due to the previously delegated filters. For CRM to function successfully, it is necessary to use a version of Excel which is not older than 2012.

ULTIMA® Billing

ULTIMA® Billing is a software solution for companies which provide services to the end users and have many monthly invoices/ receipt which need to be paid for the provision of services to its users.

This module enables timely invoicing, a complete insight into the realization and payment of the users, and it also maximizes the profitability of the company.

The system enables a complete financial processing of data on the service users, an opportunity for group invoicing, and also for producing notices before exclusion for an unpaid or mature debt. ULTIMA® Billing provides complete user insight and analytics – paid and unpaid invoices or advance payments.

A generation of invoices/receipts is enabled for a certain billing period (for everyone or for groups of users). The system also provides an opportunity for generating single invoices/ receipts of a user for a certain period of time. The creation and printing of the receipts is conducted with two processes, primarily by generating them in a PDF format, which is later verified and sent for printing. The produced invoices/ receipts contain a barcode image for fast identification.

Basic application tools which are included:

  • Data catalog for articles, price lists, taxes, pay office, account plan, etc.
  • Processing of input and output documents, price lists, client dossier, group document printing, attaching files.
  • Financial work – bookkeeping, orders, automatic document assembling and disassembling, making compensations, transferring clients.
  • Financial reports – analytic and synthetic card, open items, turnover specification, debt maturity, document which are not booked, account balance, gross balance, closing sheet, records for input and output invoices.
  • Administration
  • Billing – making obligations and payment, making a group invoice, making notices before exclusion, reports for active users, new users, turnover, etc.

The system also allows making connections with Banks, downloading electronic statements, automatically connecting payments with user receipts and bookkeeping. It is created for working in a Windows setting.