Solutions for document management

Saving electrical energy, reduced expenses, reduced emission of CO2 – one solution

The time when the printer or copier was everything is long gone. Today, the trick is in the mobile information. Optimize your processes and technologies, so that the employees will simply be able to create, save, and more efficiently use all information.

For three years DUNA has been delivering most reliable systems for maintaining your business, and today offers you an opportunity to have a complete solution for managing the daily working routine with the written records, and a control over printing documents. The system is defined to provide top-level services, certified expertise, with impeccable quality, which will fit in very well in your daily work and will have an additional value for your business.


With only one agreement you get a scanning of the extent and the need for printing in your company, appropriate multifunctional machines according to the result and a top-quality software which is incorporated in the concept for printing, through which you manage the life cycle of one document, from the creation, the printing, its use and its storing – physically and digitally, the searching, to its controlled destruction.

Duna is concerned with accomplishing measurable and valuable results when using our services for managing the printing:

  • Easy and simple process
  • Efficient usage of the electronic archive
  • Without additional or hidden expenses for service or support
  • Reduced consumption of electric energy
  • Reduced emission of CO2

Reduced expenditures