Led Panels

Our LED panels, manufactured using the SMD 3535 technology and the LED point to point  distance of 5.25mm Pixel Pitch, are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Durable in temperature from -30 to +60 with continuous operation over 72 hours, compact and easy to mount and combine within requested screen size. They can be used to outdoor and indor events, and are suitable for advertising banners.

The cabinets have a size of 500x500mm with a resolution of 95×95 dots, made of aluminum frames and weighing 8.5kg. It can be clearly seen from 5 to 50 meters distance and up to 140 degrees horizontally and vertically in relation to the panel. They have insignificant light radiation, they are protected from obstacles on the video route and have high transparency which is very convenient for unstable weather conditions and strong winds