An interactive whiteboard is an interactive surface that connects to a computer and a projector.

The projector presents the contents of the computer on the desktop on the board where users write or draw with a pen, finger, or other device. The board is usually mounted on a wall or a mobile holder.

Additional applications and devices can be used for greater interactivity.

Interactive boards use infrared technology as the biggest advantage due to its robustness, the absence of additional sensors and cameras overwhelms the complexity of the board and thus does not provide room for additional defects and increases the life span. The first boards that allow finger touch detection are ideal for working in school conditions because of their simplicity and use without any additional training.

In addition to the hardware comes the intuitive iDoTouch software with language support in Macedonian which allows the user to be creative and using the offered tools to draw, modify and present the desktop surface or any presentation.

Robust aluminium frame

Attractive design, lightweight and nice appearance fits perfectly in all office spaces and classrooms.

USB Connectivity

With USB power cord, the board gets power and simultaneously communicates with the computer from which the projection is performed.


Sensitivity of two or more touches at the same time

The simple way of working on infrared technology allows easy use of the board of two users or more simultaneously.

Opportunities for creating

A finger, a pen, or any non-transparent pointer may be used to control and use the smart board. The board also comes with a telescopic pointer for handling at a greater distance.

IB-XXX Characteristics Description
88″WR Board Size 1760 x 1280 mm
Active Area 1627 x 1147 mm (resolution 4:3 )
96″WR Board Size 2089 x 1280 mm
Active Area 1956 x 1147 mm (resolution 16:9, 16:10)
108″WR Board Size 2415 x 1437 mm
Active Area 2282 x 1304 mm (resolution 16:9, 16:10)